Effective Monday, March 2, 2020 we have contracted with a professional medical record custodian, Shoreline Records Management. Authorized requestors will contact Shoreline Records Management by sending an email to:


The request needs to be documented and contain the patients full name, date of birth and relationship to the patient. You should also mention that the request is for a former patient of Dr. Robert Turner since Shoreline provides custodian services to hundreds of former physicians.

Once the email request has been received, a HIPAA authorization form will be emailed back to the requestor along with a credit card authorization form outlining the processing fee. While the law provides for a fee of up to $1.00 per page, Shoreline charges .40 per page to cover the cost of storing, retrieving and securely releasing patient charts in accordance with both HIPAA and HITECH regulations.

Once payment is received, Shoreline will send a secure link via email to the requestor who can access and download the chart, or have a physical copy mailed with an additional fee of $10.00.