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Network Neurology
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Network Neurology was founded by Dr. Robert P. Turner, MD, MSCR, QEEGD, a pediatric neurologist with nearly 30 years clinical, teaching, and research experience. Dr. Turner holds multiple board certifications; has practiced and taught at MUSC for over 16 years; been awarded dozens of clinical and teaching honors; has diagnosed and treated some of the most complex and rare neurological disorders effecting children; and is considered a national and international expert in his field, with academic collaborations in China, South Africa, Mexico and throughout the United States.

Dr. Turner is supported by his Network Neurology team of highly qualified and experienced advanced practice medical providers, including two pediatric nurse practitioners and a physician assistant, each of whom are known and valued for their diligence, expertise, and dedicated commitment to this challenging yet rewarding specialty of neuroscience.

As an integrative neurological practice, the Network Neurology team combines the experience and diagnostic expertise of our medical providers with various treatment options, including pharmaceutical interventions, nutritional interventions, as well as proven innovative, noninvasive neuromodulation techniques implemented by our team of highly skilled clinical neurotherapists and EEG technologists.

In order to provide comprehensive and compassionate care, we work in partnership with our primary care colleagues and specialists throughout South Carolina and the Southeast. We also work with expert dieticians trained in the administration and oversight of specialized nutritional therapies, such as the ketogenic diet, which have shown significant success for those suffering from epilepsy and seizures. Additionally, we collaborate with physical, occupational, and speech & language therapists to maximize developmental potential and outcomes.

Along with excellence in clinical care, we provide education and support for both our patients and their families, many of whom experience significant distress and uncertainty as a result of these neurological problems. As such, the assessments we provide not only offer diagnostic sensitivity and specificity but also hope, encouragement, and a clear “roadmap” toward recovery.