Our Mission

“Hope, Health, and Healing”

Network Neurology strives to create a positive and accepting environment. We promote holistic wellness to increase all of our patient’s quality of life. Our mission is to serve patients and their families by offering comprehensive, compassionate healthcare to help minds and bodies thrive at optimal levels. 


Network Neurology aims to collaborate and model excellence in patient care. It is our goal to educate and empower patients & families, work with students/advanced providers/physicians in the health and allied-health professions during and after training, and monitor metrics of clinical progress and excellence.


Network Neurology  believes in fostering mentoring relationships, educational growth, community and regional outreach, and promoting a lifestyle of life-long learning. We want to provide our patients & families with the proper knowledge for comprehensive healthcare for life.


Network Neurology enjoys an active role in the research community by participating in clinical studies within the context of neurological practice, as well as collaborating with research institutes in China, India, Europe, Africa, Mexico, and the United States.