“The staff at Network Neurology have been a pleasure to

work with. My daughter is always happy to come into the office and begin her neurofeedback sessions. Dr. Turner is on the cutting edge of this new form of treatment and we feel lucky

to be taking part in it!”

Rhonda K. Patient’s Mother

“Came here a couple of weeks ago for a second opinion after a not-so-great experience elsewhere. Dr. Turner was amazing and so great with my son. Actually, all of the staff we met were impressive! Everyone was exceptionally nice, very knowledgeable, patient, and more than willing to answer any questions or concerns. I would definitely recommend these guys!”

Libby J. Patient’s Mother

“Dr. Turner is such an awesome Dr. He took his time and made sure we understood everything and he helped my daughter to calm down. After her last neurologist down played her symptoms she was expecting the same here. Everyone else in the staff was awesome as well. I recommend this place to everyone looking for a neurologist.”

Evelyn W. Patient’s Mother

“I had the privilege of meeting the entire team (except Dr. Turner who was traveling) last week. Wow! Yes, that’s how I describe the office, the medical team and the administrators. The idea that Dr. Turner is available to so many patients and families is very exciting to me.”

Sheryl W. Patient’s Mother

“Dr. Turner was my son’s neurologist right out of the chute when he was born at MUSC in 2004. He is kind, empathetic, understanding, and loving. Oh! Did I fail to mention SMART! BRILLIANT! This man is awesome! I am so glad to see him back in his own practice. He is worth the 2.5 hours it takes us to get to him from Hartsville! Will see him soon!”

Shaun M. Patient’s Parents

“Dr. Turner and the entire Network Neurology team saved my life. When I reluctantly agreed to participate in a 20-week neuromodulation session, I understood that the science made sense but never truly believed that my life would ever be enjoyable.

I have struggled with intense anxiety, depression, and hypomanic episodes for my entire life. I have abused drugs, alcohol, and food, attempted suicide, and self-harmed. I convinced myself years prior that I would never truly be happy.

Dr. Turner has surrounded himself with a team that profoundly believes in what they do. With minimal effort, my life has changed immensely. Before I began treatment, I usually “slept” four hours a night, completely disturbed. Within a month I noticed that I had been sleeping soundly for six hours. This is something that Dr. Turner suggested could happen and would eventually lead to physiological improvements.

Before I knew it, I was more and more able to go out and face my formerly-crippling social anxiety. I have not been incapacitated by my depression, anxiety, or mania since finishing my treatment with Dr. Turner. This non-invasive treatment saved my life and has given me the opportunity to live my life on my terms.

I recommend this treatment to anyone who experiences any sort of neurological issues, as I have experienced first-hand how impactful it can be.”

Cameron S. Patient

“Growing up, I had always been the outgoing student in the classroom, always wanting to be around friends, share my thoughts, and be present in all aspects of life. When I hit my middle school years all of that changed. I distinctly remember being in a history class in 8th grade and I was asked to read a paragraph from a very simple excerpt (plus I had a relatively high reading level for my age) and I couldn’t do it. My body shook, I sweated, blushed, and I felt like the breath had been sucked out of me from a vacuum.

From that moment on, I lived paralyzed in fear by the classroom – all throughout high school. I had ups and downs. Some days I was capable of reading and presenting but 90% of the time, I was an embarrassment. I would start out strong, but by the end, I’d spiral downwards. I would be breathless, my shirt drenched in sweat, and I would internally be in tears. Strangely, I was very musical and could perform in front of an infinite number of people and my confidence wouldn’t change. When I left the stage and returned to my life as a student (8 hours a day for 4 years of high school), I lived in perpetual fear of the next nervous attack. A vicious cycle it was – fear of the event, the event, and continued fear. I couldn’t escape.

This progressed from the classroom to my entire life. I came to Boston University. I struggled to get food in the dining halls, couldn’t sit on public transit, and even feared wearing a suit (I knew my breathing would be constricted by a tie and I’d have an extra layer on for added warmth with my blazer). I had to do something. I couldn’t live like that anymore. I don’t think people perceived me the same way as I did myself – they called me nice, outgoing, smooth. But I felt 100% the opposite.

I tried all forms of medicine, therapy, supplements, everything. I went to my primary care doctor one final time and she recommended Dr. Turner and Network Neurology. I was skeptical at first but willing to give it a shot. This was my last chance. After a few weeks of sessions, Dr. Turner showed me the progression of my brain waves and how much they had changed in just a short amount of time.

I felt more calm and in control in my day to day life. When I returned to Boston, some of the same episodes would continue but less and less frequently until no longer. Dr. Turner had described that the therapy’s effects would continue to become stronger and stronger post-therapy. This was apparent for a year or 2 after seeing him. I noticed myself getting better and better. Rarely do these nervous events happen anymore and if they do, I feel more in control and okay with them happening. Nothing is as anxiety inducing or seemingly catastrophic as before. I attribute a great deal of my increased comfortability to Network Neurology.”

Jonny G. Patient

“My daughter was referred to Dr. Turner a few months ago. Initially, I had some reservations about what to expect. However, within the first consultation with Dr. Turner, I was extremely impressed. Through neurofeedback treatments, my child no longer takes medication. Her math grades have greatly improved as well as her energy level and motivation. It has been life changing her and my entire family. The treatment is noninvasive, painless, and relaxing. We saw great benefits for the few hours it took out of our week.

Because of my daughter’s success, I decided that my son and I would also benefit from neurofeedback treatments. I recently struggled with the passing of my mother after her battle with a chronic illness. I wasn’t feeling like myself and began to experience difficulties common to those who have recently dealt with the loss of a loved one. The neurofeedback treatments helped me become better connected to my whole environment; my mornings went from waking up groggy and lethargic to feeling alert, attentive, and full of energy. My son also benefited from treatments. He has become more motivated and focused.

Dr. Turner is truly dedicated to his profession and the wellness of his patients. In all my years of dealing with different doctors, I have found few that truly treat you as a human being, not another number. Dr. Turner is one of those doctors. He takes his time with you. He has empathy, compassion, and wants the best for his patients. He is brilliant, and everyone is special and unique to him. The entire staff is wonderful, upbeat, caring and willing to go the extra mile!”

Julie C. Patient